Is travelling with friends really such a good idea?!

I normally only travel with my partner Billy but, last year I visited Romania as part of a group of six. These are the things I learnt…

Pro – Sharing the load

I guess it depends on what kind of trip you go on, we rented a mini bus and did a road trip, being in a group meant we could take turns on driving. So if someone was tired or if someone fancied a beer at lunch, there was always someone else willing to swap.

Con – Compromise

This is one is fairly obvious. Being in a group, everyone has different ideas on what they want to do/ where they want to go. There were occasions where there were things I would have liked to have done but didn’t get a chance and times where we did things that I could have skipped and wouldn’t have been that fussed.

Pro – Seeing new things

Compromising was at times mildly irritating but there were times where we went places that I wouldn’t have chosen to go of my own accord.

Con – Eating out

Me and Billy have similar tastes, so eating out is never usually a problem when we go away. Being in a group and having to accommodate six peoples dietary needs and personal preferences was sometimes tricky. If you visit a built up city, this may not be so much of a problem, but in small towns in Romania it became a little difficult.

Pro – there’s always a photographer on hand!

When travelling as a couple, we often end up having single photos of us or selfies, or very occasionally we may dare ask a stranger to take a photo of us. Travelling in a group means you get great photos without feeling like your pestering a stranger. We also gained a few candid shots which we wouldn’t have got without our friends.

Overall, I’m glad we did it. It was eye opening and entertaining but would I do it again? Not anytime soon, travelling in a couple works for us and that is just the way we like it.

I will do a post about Romania and where we visited soon!



  1. It is difficult traveling with larger groups, especially if you have very different ideas on how the whole trip should look like. Choosing where to eat is always the problem. It does take lots of compromises and maybe it is best to first go an a shorter trip to get the sense of the group dynamics. But I can hardly imagine going somewhere with friends for a longer time, since we have very different ideas on what we want from the trip. 🙂 Wonderful post!

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  2. Oh wow can I relate. Traveling with a huge group can be exhausting – especially when everyone has different opinions on where to go and what they want to eat. But the best part of this that you mentioned is ALWAYS having a photographer!!! Amazing for us bloggers – haha!
    Great post and it’s really relatable.

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