So,  before I dive right into posting travel blogs, I thought I would do an introduction.

I’m Jess and I travel with my partner Billy, we’ve been together over seven years and visited eleven countries together – so far. We enjoy exploring new places.  Some people enjoy lying on a beach in the sun for two weeks at an all inclusive hotel. That’s great, but not for us. We like out of the ordinary, off the beaten track adventures.

One of my favourite things to do is to google absolutely EVERYTHING I can before I visit. Where to go, stay, eat, you name it and I’ll google it.  However, I have found that people always showcase the best bits and gloss over the not so good and over hype things that are actually a bit crap. So here I am, giving my honest opinion on places, food, airlines, things to do and anything else I fancy. I don’t want to make this a negative space however if somewhere was shit, I’ll tell you and if it was fab, I’ll tell you that too.


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