Sun vs Snow

I have written posts about Norway and Iceland and I can say I am a cold holiday convert. We have Finland in our sights for next winter but we have been to Greece three times and Thailand, so we are not shy of a warm summer holiday either. Here, I am going to compare the two, good and bad.

Cold holiday VS Hot holiday


  • Cold – Pro – You can go in off peak season. When visiting European countries such as Spain or Greece, you are often relying on the warm weather which hits during school holidays, this can lead to a hike in air fares and hotel costs. If you were to visit somewhere like Norway, as we have, you could go in November, out of the school holidays and away from the hiked up prices.
  • Hot – Pro –  Fed up of working 9-5 and looking to relax? Beach holidays are great for this, all you need is a towel and a good book and you are good to go. Simple yet effective.
  • Cold – Con –  You’ll need the correct gear which can be pricey. Heading to a cold climate for the first time, you’ll need to prepare.  Before we headed to Iceland, we had to buy thermals for each of us, snow boots, waterproof trousers, wool hats and socks. In the end, it added up and cost quite a bit. The bonus of this though is once you have the gear you are good to go for any trips in the future, after you’ve lugged it all out the loft!
  • Hot – Con –  You’re often relying on having good weather. We would plan a nice lazy day by the pool, stock up on drinks, snacks and head down with our books but once the clouds appear and the sun fades, our day was ruined, leaving us heading back to the room and waiting for the evening.
  • Cold – Pro – There is so much to do, and you’ll have the energy to do it! We crammed in so many activities during our time in Norway (check out my previous post) but when we visited Rhodes we found most of the time, we were so hot and sweaty, we just couldn’t be bothered. We trekked up to the Acropolis several times, headed out on a boat trip but in the end gave up, we found we spent most of our days waiting for the cooler evenings with a couple of cocktails on a roof top bar. With the low temperature, keeping busy helps you stay warm and can occupy your mind from realising how cold it really is.
  • Hot – Pro – It’s cheaper. Take a quick look on google and thousands of cheap flights and budget deals to places such as Spain take over your screen. You can get an all inclusive hotel near the beach and book your flights all for around £400 pp for a weeks break, bargain.
  • Cold – Con – It’s expensive.  The cost of living is generally higher in Scandinavia so if you dare eat out, or even head to the supermarket, be prepared to splash that cash.  We visited a KFC in Iceland, hoping it would be a cheaper option, it cost us £30 for two regular meals.

My personal opinion, I love seeking adventure which we found in Norway/Iceland. I have no doubt there are beautiful places and fab things to do where the sun is beaming but for me, nothing beats conquering a mountain, skiing down the slopes or witnessing the northern lights.

Overall, I think I’ll always be a winter girl, but I am partial to the odd summer holiday too. What about you? Do you prefer lounging in the heat or battling blizzards? I’d love to know!


  1. Even though I do love a beach holiday I’m really not good with heat so I’ve always wanted to go somewhere cold as I’ve never been! I’d love to go to Iceland and experience a winter holiday. You’ve nailed all the pros and cons!

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  2. I am not a lover of hot weather to be honest. I do like a pretty beach, but sometimes the heat makes me feel ill. I may have to look at colder holidays in the future! I’ve already looked at Iceland and would love to go.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Fran x

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